To the divinely expressed woman's

This is an opportunity for life to go completely differently for you, for you to create extraordinary results, and for you to experience yourself as a truly, divinely expressed human being.


i'm in!

This is your next level, 

it's time for new results


New results require new awareness, new ways of doing things, and most importantly, new ways of BEING. This group is the container of learning, growing, practicing, exploring.

Your life is the practice field. The results will show up everywhere.

Carrie Wren is a Professional Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer, and Facilitator of bucket-list yoga retreats around the world. Carrie brings presence, play, and safe haven to Divinely Expressed Women’s Collective.

Kacey Cardin is an Executive + Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer, Creator of Energetic Intelligence, and Tedx Speaker. Kacey brings brilliance, power, and sass to Divinely Expressed Women's Collective.

Meet your guides

Tools & resources

Each month, you will be partnered with another Divinely Expressed Woman to maximize support, accountability, and connection. (Past participants have described their monthly buddy collaborations as one of their favorite perks!).

Buddy System

Once you’re in the Divinely Expressed Collective, we consider you a lifetime VIP. You’ll receive first dibs for Divinely Expressed retreats, courses, and workshops. 

Discounts + Freebies

Give and receive in the moment support, celebration, and community with your Divinely Expressed sisters and coaches through our private group What’s App chat. DEW participants create deep, authentic relationships that can last a lifetime.

Community + Sisterhood

Each month, we share tools, resources, and strategies to support your growth in different areas of your life. Business, relationships, creativity, intuition, sex: we’re here for all of it.


+ You are ready to deep dive into personal transformation, and want the support of sisterhood and community

+ You are willing to show up fully to group calls, for yourself and your fellow group members, even when life gets in the way

+ You refuse to settle for a "good enough" life; instead, you desire to embody your full potential

+ You are excited to participate in coaching AND embodiment practices (yoga, dancing, meditation) 

+ You desire a high level of one-on-one support (I suggest 1:1)

+ You need support with a mental health diagnosis, trauma, addiction, or abuse (I suggest working with a licensed therapist)

+ You are not interested in showing up fully for yourself and your fellow group members

+ You don't want to or are currently unable to invest the time, energy, or resources into personal transformation (I get it! It's not always an aligned time to work with a coach)



I want in!

I'm significantly more satisfied with my day job, my relationships, and my spiritual life.

At a time when I had all but lost touch with my sense of joy (thanks 2020!), the Divinely Expressed Women's group created a place where I was both allowed and encouraged to explore the desires of my soul. Eight months later, I've started the heart-level business that I had been putting off for over a year, and I'm significantly more satisfied with my day job, my relationships, and my spiritual life. As a huge and unexpected bonus, I also have several deeply authentic and supportive new friendships with the amazing women I've met through the collective. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking to create big changes in their life, even if they aren't quite sure what they want that change to be -- this coaching provides the support you need to [re]discover what a divinely expressed life looks like to you.

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